What is Longboard Pumping and How to Pump on a Longboard

Many of you might be aware of the this technique called longboard pumping. New riders still get confused and want to know what is longboard pumping and how to pump on a longboard. Longboard pumping is a well know and fun technique that is performed by the longboarders. Pumping on a longboard is a substitute for kick pushing in which the rider on the board, without lifting his feet, can push himself in the forward direction.

This longboard pumping allows the rider to speed up his movements through this unique technique that is suitable for covering longer and shorter distances. With the passage of time, longboard pumping is becoming popular, so in order to give you proper knowledge about this underrated technique, this article will clear all your aspects regarding this fun and cool longboarding trick.

What is Longboard Pumping?

Longboard pumping is basically the subclass of skateboarding. It is the best way of covering long distances while providing a better experience of riding on flat ground to the rider. The posture of the rider while longboard pumping is snake-like surfing, where the rider controls the movements through his weight.

The basic technique of this game is the weight balance that allows the rider to move in zigzag and can gain momentum. The rider uses its weight to move in the right or left position or back and forth by swaying his body. As long as the board is in a balanced position on the flat ground, the rider can enjoy long and short-distance rides.

In Longboard pumping, pumping is a substitute way in which the rider drags himself on the longboard. In this, the propelling engine acts as a weight that keeps the longboard on the specific track through coordinated swaying moments. While lifting the front wheels of the longboard, the rider can gain speed easily while moving downhills.

How To Pump On A Longboard – Guide for beginners

The basic technique of having a better experience of longboard pumping is the balance of the rider’s weight on the flat ground. The accurate Shoulder position of the rider plays an important role in gaining the speed of the longboard. The best way of riding is to act like throwing down the shoulders towards the heel side and toe side.

The basic mistake most of the riders do while longboard pumping is that they make use of their feet instead of shoulders to drive the pump. So the best way of riding in a better way is to keep the body and shoulders in an accurate position for gaining speed as legs alone are unable to generate enough driving force and momentum. So for gaining the perfect momentum, the body and shoulders should be at a position to lead the movements.

In order to maintain the continuous rhythms of movement, the rider should keep his body in swinging motion continuously. Pushing into every carve and digging in can further improve the longboard pumping. The pressure exerted on toes and feet can help the rider to maintain the correct longboard position while riding on the downhill or flat grounds.

Types of Longboards for Pumping

There are a variety of pumping longboards that are suitable for beginners as well as professionals available in the market at different price ranges. These longboards are specifically designed for users who love to go on long-distance rides in a much adventurous way. So following are the different types of longboards listed below:

  • Cruising longboards
  • Bamboo longboards
  • Fishtail longboards
  • Blunt longboards
  • Downhill
  • Pintail longboards
  • Drop Through
  • Carving longboards

Among these, the Downhill longboard is one of the most common types of longboard that are usually found in the streets. These longboards are affordable in price and are found commonly anywhere in the market that is suitable for beginners. So most of the users buy these longboards according to their level of usage and comfort-ability.

Efficient Riding

Obviously, the riding experience that the longboard provides to its rider is a type of efficient riding. Longboard pumping is basically a technical game but once you get to know about the basic tactics and techniques, you will be able to ride the longboard professionally without utilizing your energy. Through centered wave-like body movements, the momentum is gained and the longboard is stabled. The right setup of pumping is also very important.

Trucks for Longboard Pumping

Trucks play the most important role in the setup of longboard as they are the most essential parts. So trucks that have loose wiring along with higher turning angles are considered to be the best ones. The most common type of pumping trucks are those that are thin and TKP. In order to gain momentum, softer bushing trucks are recommended that allow better control while longboard pumping.

Body Workout

Longboard pumping is considered to be the best full-body workout as lots of muscles are involved. As pumping involves pushing that works on the core of muscles on the body including abs, legs, and lower back. A most common problem faced by riders is Skogging. This problem can be reduced by using both the legs for pushing that maintains proper balance while longboard pumping. Pumping is also the best way of workout that involves an exercise of shoulders to legs.

FAQs About Longboard Pumping

What is pumping on a longboard?

Pumping is a type of skateboarding technique that involves speeding up the longboard while using the feet on it. It can also be done by moving the body back and forth or in the left and right positions.

Is longboarding tiring?

Yes, for beginners, longboarding is actually very tiring as it is a full body workout that involves a broad range of muscles like abs, lower body, legs, and hips when moving on the downhill areas. On the flat ground, it is basically a form of cardio that increases the strength of the heart and lung capacity.

Why longboarding is better than skateboarding?

Longboarding is suitable for long-distance rides because of larger and smoother wheels. A skateboard has harder and smaller wheels that are just suitable for small distance rides. That is why most people prefer longboarding over skateboarding because longboards are easy to ride.

What is the speed of the longboard on the flat ground?

On the flat ground, the minimum speed of the longboard is about 6 mph. Whereas while moving on the downhill sides, the speed increases that ranges from 50-65 mph.


Now that you have read the article about what is longboard pumping and how to pump on a longboard, We hope that you will be looking forward to learn this technique and flaunt it in front of your friends. Longboard pumping is the subclass of skating that is underrated. It involves moving the longboard in a forward direction while using the weight of the body of the rider. In order to maintain the proper motion of the longboard, the positions of the shoulder and legs should be kept accurately. Most of the riders make the mistake to use their legs instead of shoulders for leading the movements as legs alone cannot exert the force.

So for proper longboard pumping, the body of the rider should move accurately in the zigzag direction. And also back and forth to gain speed and to have stable momentum. For this, the longboard trucks also play their part as they are an essential part of the setup. They also help in gaining speed and maintaining the momentum of the longboard.

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