Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard Review – Should You Buy It?

Skateboarding is not only a pastime and a hobby; it is also considered a great sport. When looking from afar skateboarding looks so much fun and that is what attracts people to try it out. If skateboarding has also attracted you or you want to commute to your college or office in a fun and faster way but you are unsure about a good electric skateboard to learn the art of skateboarding then this Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard review is for you.

The Voyager Neutrino electric skateboard will surely be love at first sight for you because of its great features and affordability but let’s discuss more details so that you know what you’re getting into. Let’s go!

Voyager Neutrino Electric Skateboard Review


This electric skateboard offers a black sleek design which ticks all the right boxes for a classy appearance as well as an efficient ride. The raised tail makes it extremely easy to apply brakes manually meaning that you will be able to learn quickly and easily. Easy to apply brakes are extremely important for beginners as when people are learning for the first time, they need to apply brakes multiple times in order to gain control. This makes it a great ride for both adults and kids. You can have fun riding this great electric skateboard and show off your skills and of course your classy looking board.


It is made of high-quality carbon which not only increases its durability but also makes it lightweight making the ride much more efficient and making it easier for you to control the skateboard. The deck is manufactured using fiberglass which gives it the shiny classy look and also makes it quite sturdy and durable. It can withstand even heavy riders which makes this skateboard the perfect one for all kinds of riders. The PU Street wheels are not only incredibly sturdy but also provide great traction which helps prevent skidding and sliding during the ride.

This is quite useful for beginners as they are still in the learning phase and don’t really have an idea about how to handle slippery areas. Most people fear that their electric skateboard might get ruined even with a little water and therefore they prefer mechanical boards. We have the perfect solution for that. This skateboard has IP55 certification which helps ensure that it can easily endure occasional splashes and even light rain. This means you can easily ride around on your skateboard without having to worry about every little splash.


The Voyager Neutrino electric skateboard is powered by 350-Watt Hub motors which allows you to ride for 11 kilometers once it is fully charged. This is more than enough for beginners. The brush-less motors ensure a smooth and efficient ride which you can truly enjoy and cherish. Beginners can enjoy a nice uninterrupted ride within their budget. It weighs a mere 4k which means that you will be able to easily carry it around without much trouble. You can carry it to the skating path and enjoy a good ride. In addition, this electric skateboard can achieve speeds of up to 20 km/h which is a great speed for both beginners and professionals. Riding your skateboard can be so much fun on days where you can feel a light breeze in your hair. It is truly an amazing experience.


This unit comes with a high-quality advanced remote which is very easy to use. It is also very well built. The remote allows you to keep an eye on the remaining battery so that you can schedule your ride accordingly. In addition, you can choose between the expert mode and beginner mode. This makes the ride much more comfortable for both types of riders and allows you to ride as per your convenience. It has a 15% hill grade which allows you to ride easily on slopes.

The Voyager Neutrino electric skateboard also features regenerative braking which basically converts the kinetic energy of the skateboard to a form that can be used to slow down the skateboard either immediately or later on. The package comes with the skateboard, a T-tool, a remote and a user manual. All this in an electric skateboard that just come under the price of 200 dollars.

  • High speeds
  • Lightweight
  • IP55 certification
  • Classy appearance
  • Easy regenerative braking
  • Heavy-duty
  • Low battery time

Final Verdict

The Voyager Neutrino electric skateboard is a great skateboard for both beginners and experts as well as kids and adults. It provides an efficient and comfortable ride at great speed. Also, it offers advanced features which makes the board perfect for people of all ages. We would definitely recommend this skateboard to you!

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