Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review – Best Off Road Electric Skateboard

Looking for a new skateboard for your off road adventure or you want to replace the your old electric skateboard? This must be a little bit confusing as the market is full of options which vary in price and quality. Well, worry not because this Maxfind Electric Skateboard review is going to be very helpful. Maxfind electric skateboard longboard is a perfect choice for both beginners and pro riders. You can ride this electric skateboard easily on both smooth surfaces and the off road areas.

Maxfind electric skateboard has done us a lot of good because it offers such an exhilarating activity that releases all the happy hormones in your body. These boards of joy have undergone a lot of evolution ever since they came. From a regular non-electric skateboard, they are now electric with so many incredible features. If you are searching for the best electric skateboard, Maxfind electric skateboard is the one we can recommend without any hesitation. Let us discuss in detail all its features, the good and the bad.

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review

A good skateboard with impressive features is hard to find, but it isn’t impossible. Maxfind Electric Skateboard offers everything you need from a high-performance and good-quality skateboard. We will first start with its design; this 38 inches skateboard boasts a simple yet classy design. Maxfind electric skateboard has a head-turning design, and we bet everyone will stop you from asking about it. The deck of this skateboard is made with maple wood which makes it robust, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain.

Other than that, it features superior quality wheels that are made with polyurethane; therefore, they are resistant to abrasion, heat resistant, and offer high weight capacity. And yeah, it has an ergonomically designed deck that keeps your feet balanced and supports your soles. Coming to the technical ends, this skateboard by Maxfind offers incredible speed, which is our best-loved feature. It is called FF skateboard, which means it goes fastest and the farthest, and we couldn’t agree less.

The star feature of the Maxfind electric skateboard is its dual 750 watt M5 hub motors. They deliver supreme power to your skateboard and take you a long distance without any hindrance in the performance. As we all know that the hub motor is more efficient and cuts the weight; therefore, they render the best performance and a noiseless ride. On top of that, Maxfind electric motor is equipped with a high-performance Samsung 30Q lithium-ion battery.

The battery gives you a whopping 56 km/h run time on a single charge. It offers a top speed of 26 mph which is prettry impressive. Other features include a remote controller that allows you to control certain features of this skateboard. On top of that, it features an electric regenerative braking system for a safe and secure ride. Lastly, this skateboard can hold up to 100 kgs of weight which is impressive.

  • Electric regenerative brake system
  • High weight capacity
  • Ultra-durable and easy to maintain
  • High priced

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality and durably built electric skateboard for your on and off-road skateboarding, the Maxfind Electric skateboard is your way to go. It has a durable easy to clean maple deck, dual hub motors, and tough polyurethane wheels. Other than that, it offers an electric braking system that allows for a secure ride. You can easily control certain features with its remote controller for a convenient ride.





Is Maxfind electric skateboard worth it?

If you have the budget and love high-performance skateboards, Maxfind electric skateboard is worth your money. It gives you all the features you want from a high-end skateboard. For instance, this skateboard has a sleek design that catches every eye. Other than that, it offers high weight capacity, remote control features, dual hub motors, and an incredible top speed.

Is Maxfind electric skateboard safe to ride?

Yes, Maxfind electric skateboard is a safe-to-ride product because it comes to you after a series of testing. It has passed the IP65 dust and water resistance test, which makes it safe. Other than that, the battery and the motor are encapsulated which means the won’t effect the parts. Other than that, the company uses safe and combustion-free batteries so that you can have a worry-free purchase.

Is electric skateboarding illegal?

In some countries, electric skateboards are illegal because electric skateboards come under the category of motorized transportation that isn’t registered. Some countries only allow you to ride your electric skateboard on private property. Riding on them on the busy roads might get you in a lot of trouble from the law.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is a fun-filled recreation that immediately lifts your mood and brightens your day. Moreover, skateboarding also allows for a merry friend’s time, and you can indulge in a pleasant ride with your friends and family and bring them closer to you. Electric skateboards are now in trend, and people love them for their incredible speed and futuristic features.

Maxfind is one of the Best Electric Skateboards that offers a wide array of features. You get an incredible weight capacity, dual motors, a premium battery that gives a long-lasting backup, and a whopping 26 mph top speed.

We hope this article explained the features of this electric longboard skateboard and you will be able to make a purchase decision without any issue.

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