How to Teach Your Dog to Skateboard – Tips For Dog Owners

Are you more of a skateboard person than a walk person? Does your dog want you take him on a walk but you’d rather go skating? If that’s the case then you must be looking for a solution about How to Teach Your Dog to Skateboard. Well, we have the perfect solution for you! You can just teach your dog to skateboard with you by following few simple and easy steps. Yes, you read that right. Teaching your dog to skateboard is not something that only professionals can do but you can also do it from the comfort of your home by following only a few simple steps. Interested in learning more? Let’s go!

Teaching Skateboarding to Your Dog

Before starting the teaching process you must ask few things to yourself by looking at the qualities of your dog. Below we have discussed  the things you must consider before teaching skating to your pup.

Is Your Dog Capable of Skateboarding?

You must be thinking that isn’t every dog capable of doing this? The answer is no. Not all dogs have the physical capability of hopping onto a skateboard and riding into the sunset. Dogs with smaller legs and smaller physiques will not be able to learn this trick even if you spend weeks teaching them so it will just be a waste of time. On the other hand, stronger dogs like bull dogs have muscular back end which makes it easier for them to learn how to skateboard like pros. Another important thing that you need to do is to ask your dog’s vet whether your dog is healthy enough to learn these tricks. You don’t want to push your dog too far because this will only ruin your relationship with him and will reap no benefits at all.

Attract Your Dog Towards the Skateboard

Your dog will not approach a new object like a skateboard willingly until you lure him towards it with some treats. Just leave your dog’s favorite treats on the skateboard. This will make your dog come towards the skateboard on his own. This way he will come to the skateboard himself and smell it. This is a relatively easy step and you might achieve it within a day.

Familiarize Your Dog With a Skateboard

The first and most important step is to help your dog get comfortable with the skateboard. You need to be extremely patient and allow your dog to calmly explore the skateboard on his own. Make sure you’re holding down the board so that it doesn’t slide or move when your dog puts its paws on the board. Make sure there aren’t any sudden movements because these might scare your dog away. Be as gentle as you can so that your dog recognizes the skateboard as a toy or something fun to play with.

Initiate With Small Movements

Once your dog is familiar with the skateboard, start off with small movements. Move the skateboard gently with your dog on it. You need to make him have fun with the skateboard. You need to move towards having your dog on the skateboard with all 4 paws. Do not scold your dog or be impatient during this process. This is all very new to your dog so let him take one step at a time.

Praise Every Small Achievement

Every single time your dog puts his paws on the skateboard or tries to move it, give him a treat to reinforce this behavior. Make sure that he knows they you are very proud of him and this will motivate him to try new tricks.

Get Your Dog to Skateboard on His Own

This is the trickiest part of the whole process and may take the longest time. Your dog will not start skating overnight and you need to accept and understand this. Put some kind of leash on your skateboard so that it is under your control. This will help prevent any accidents which might scare off your dog. With your dog’s paws on the skateboard, push the skateboard so that your dog learns to balance its weight on the board. Gradually your dog will try to copy the pushing movement and will try to push himself with one paw. Make sure you keep praising him with treats. Move a little away from your dog and call him. Try to make him come towards you on the skateboard and reward with treats if he does so.

Safety Precautions

You need to ensure that the skateboard is safe for your dog. This includes making sure that it is the right size for him. If you have a heavier dog, you need to invest in a bigger and sturdier skateboard that can easily bear the weight of your dog. Moreover, you check out the reviews of Best Skateboards for Dogs if you don’t know which skateboard to buy for your dog.

Do not begin teaching your dog in a place where it could be exposed to cars or even skaters. Try to begin the lessons either at home or in your garage or garden. Gradually move on to a park and even when you finally take your dog out in the open, try to be as careful as possible as to prevent any kind of accident. In the initial weeks make sure you are not riding at high speeds and also that you are in very close proximity of your dog’s board.

Once your dog starts skateboarding on their own, keep a good check on its paws and overall health because sometimes skateboarding may hurt your dog’s paws and it may get worse if you don’t keep a check on it. Make sure that they are eating right and there are no abrupt changes in their routine or behavior.

To Conclude

After reading this precise guide you must have learned now that How to Teach Your Dog to Skateboard. Teaching your dog how to skateboard can be good for you as well as your dog. You will be able to take your dog along for your favorite hobby and your dog will enjoy the extra time that you spend with him. If you have a high-energy dog then this activity can be particularly useful in taming them because they will be directing all their attention and energy towards learning this new task. It’s a win-win for everyone. We hope you are able to complete this task successfully. If you still have any more questions, you can reach out to us and we would love to assist you. Good luck!

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