How to Maintain Your Longboard – Handy Tips For Longboarders

No matter how high quality your longboard is, it needs regular maintenance to keep its integrity intact. You will need to clean and grease the bearings regularly to keep them running smoothly. Even a low-end longboard will render good performance if you maintain it well, this will also increases the lifespan of the board. Longboard maintenance can be done at home or at the workshop, here are some of the tips on how to maintain a longboard.

Maintaining Your Longboard

Maintaining a longboard is crucial to keep it running correctly and prolonging its life. The history of the longboard shows that a well-kept longboard will last longer and perform better. There are many ways you can maintain your ride so that it can offer excellent performance and last you a couple of years. Here are some of the steps you can do to maintain your longboard for better performance.

1. Cleaning Wheels and Bearings

Well-kept wheels and bearings will grant you smoother performance. It is essential to clean the wheels of your longboard after every ride to rid them of the dust and debris stuck in them. It is better to change the sides of wheels, which will last them longer as one side of wheels deteriorates more than the other. In addition to that, always check for the signs of wearing, because worn-out wheels damage the longboard and the trucks.

Moreover, weary wheels cause a lot of instability in the ride and can be dangerous. It is best to avoid dirty pathways, puddles, and mud terrains; however, if you happen to ride on such a path, it is best to clean them properly using a washcloth and brush. After cleaning, dry the wheels properly so that the water does not seep inside. Lastly, keep replacing the old worn-out wheels with new ones for better performance.

As for the bearings, their maintenance plays a vital role in the better performance of your longboard. They are responsible for the smooth rolling of your longboard’s wheels. Any dirt or water droplets in bearings can cause rust on them and decrease their performance. Taking good care of the bearings will not only prolong the life of your longboard but will also render smooth performance.

To clean your longboard bearings, you need to gently take them out and put them into a container full of kerosine oil. Kerosene oil is cheap and easy to work with; besides, it helps remove old grease from the bearings and rid them of dirt particles.

After that, take the bearings out gently and clean your bearings with isopropyl alcohol which will help remove leftover dirt. It is very effective in removing various substrates. You will see squeaky clean bearings. After that, clean the bearings with a washcloth and let them air dry. You will need to re-lubricate the bearings after installing them back into your longboard.

2. Bearings Lubrication

Lubrication of the longboard bearings is a crucial step because they cannot perform without proper greasing. Well, lubricated bearings offer smoother performance, more stability, increased speed, and a better experience. You can easily lubricate the longboard bearings with any available grease. It is better to opt out for good-quality lubricant so that it can have lasting effects.

3. Deck’s Maintenance

The deck is another vital component of your longboard. It keeps you balanced and allows for a stable ride. Even a premium quality deck is prone to warping due to water and scratches, and sun exposure. Make sure you buy a well-made and well-strengthened longboard with waterproofing features. If you cannot find one, you can always paint the deck with waterproof paint or enamel. Painting the longboard’s deck will protect it from moisture damage.

In addition to that, sun exposure decreases the deck’s life by causing degeneration. Keep your longboard away from the sun when you are not riding on it. Moreover, keep the deck safe from impacts and scratches. If there are some scratches, fill them with enamel so that they can be protected from water splashes and moisture damages.

4. Trucks Maintenance

The truck is another essential component in your longboard that needs your special attention. Each longboard comes with two tracks that are responsible for the movement and turning of your longboard. They can be easily tightened or loosened; to clean the longboard’s trucks, you need to detach them from the deck.

After that, dust off all the mud and dust with a cloth and rinse them with plain water. You can use any cleaning solution available in the store, or you can make your own soapy water solution at home. After that, rinse them thoroughly with soapy water and rub them with a cleaning brush. Make sure the brush reaches every nook and cranny. Next, you will rinse the trucks with plain water to make sure it doesn’t feel soapy.

After that, clean the truck with a clean washcloth. Repeat the above process if needed. Now, you can dry the truck with an air blower or let them air dry for some time before reinstalling them. Cleaner and well-maintained trucks will allow for smoother turning and smoother performance. Clean trucks also allow for the stability and longevity of your longboard. These are pretty much all the steps you need to follow to keep the integrity of your longboard intact.

Longboard Maintenance Tips Infographic

longboard maintinance tips infographic

Longboard Maintenance FAQs

Is it necessary to maintain a longboard?

Like every other vehicle and ride, the longboard also needs regular checkups and maintenance. It is made up of wheels, bearings, trucks, and a deck. For smoother and stable performance, you need to grease the bearings and clean your longboard regularly. Also, the deck of your longboard needs to be enabled or painted with waterproof paint to protect it from warping due to water splashes. You can also take your longboard to your local workshop for regular maintenance to prolong its life.

What happens if you maintain your longboard?

A poorly kept longboard will give up on its performance sooner, if not later. If you don’t clean the wheels, bearings, and trucks regularly, it will cause jamming of the longboard. In addition to that, you will feel a shaky and unstable ride due to all the dirt accumulated in these components. Besides, moisture and sun rays can cause warping of the longboard’s deck therefore, it is necessary to keep it protected from sun and water damage.

Can you maintain your longboard at home?

While it is good to visit your nearby workshop for the regular maintenance of the longboard, you can also do that in the comfort of your home. Your longboard needs simple steps to keep it performing well. For instance, you need to regularly clean the wheels, trucks, and longboard bearings to keep it running smoothly. Other than that, your deck also needs cleaning and maintenance. For that matter, you will need to waterproof your deck and keep filling all the scratches that appear with time.

Final Thoughts

Any vehicle, appliance or device needs regular maintenance to keep them running with ultimate smoothness and prolong their life. In the same way, a longboard also needs timely workshop visits so that it can perform better and last you a couple of years. You can also maintain your longboard at home without spending a penny. We have listed some of the easiest steps in the above section on how to maintain a longboard.

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