How To Clean RollerBlade Bearings? – Rollerblades Maintenance Tips

How to clean rollerblade bearings

Bearings are the most delicate part of your rollerblades. So, you should take the most outstanding care of them and must know how to clean rollerblades bearings. The bearings make your movement swifter with high accuracy. Furthermore, the greater you take care of your bearings, the better your skating experience will be, and less frequently … Read more

How To Stop On A Skateboard – A Beginners Guide

How to stop on a skateboard

Learning to stop on a skateboard is essential for getting out of trouble when you are going fast. If you want to learn some tactics like power sliding, toe dragging, or other tricks, you will need to learn how to stop on a skateboard first. Depending on whether you are a professional or a beginner, … Read more