ABEC 7 Bearings vs. Bones Reds Bearings – Which One You Should Get?

ABEC 7 vs. Bones Reds Bearings

Every skater needs the perfect skateboard that can handle advanced flips and tricks. However, finding the ideal skateboard is not about looking for a piece of wood or aluminum. A skateboard comprises many things, which include the perfect bearings. Knowing the difference between ABEC 7 Bearings vs. Bones Reds Bearings will help you pick the … Read more

How to Install Skateboard Bearings? Step by Step Guide For Beginners

How To Install Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings allow the wheels of the board to roll and rotate smoothly. Every wheel on the skateboard requires two bearings each, so eight bearings attach the wheel and the board. Installation and replacement of these bearings is an effortless task and should be done regularly to maintain the smoothness. This gives an extra boost … Read more

How to Choose a Longboard? Beginners & Expert

How to choose a longboard

A poor-quality longboard wouldn’t do you any good, even if you are a beginner. It takes a lot of thinking to buy the best longboard. If you are a beginner or an expert rider, you need to consider many aspects before investing your money in a longboard. For instance, you will first choose a longboard … Read more

How to Make Inline Skates More Comfortable – Useful Tips

How to make inline skates more comfortable

Roaming over inline skates is more than just fun! Skating builds up muscle strength, improves stability and balance, boosts cardiac health, assists weight management, improves joint movement and strength, defeats diabetes and blood pressure diseases, and much more. Besides, it also facilitates psychological health by improving mood and reducing anxiety. But it might be a … Read more