Are Element Skateboards Good? Read This Before You Buy One!

Are you struggling to find a good skateboard? There are thousands of skateboard brands that you can check out which makes it challenging to find one board that is within your budget and offers good quality. You don’t have to buy those claimed boards to find out whether they are good or not. I have gone through most of these brands for you. Today, I will introduce you to Element Skateboards Company. Element is a well-known skateboard brand which makes quality complete skateboards. As you might have seen many people talking about this brand, this question might have arisen in your mind Are Element Skateboards Good? In this article, I’ve explained in detail about this company keeping in mind the best things this company offers.

Skateboarding is an enjoyable and joyous activity. It gives you a sense of freedom and control. You can breathe in the fresh air and control your body by gliding and flipping on the skate park. Well, you cannot enjoy this delightful adventure if you don’t have proper control over your Skateboard. A good skateboard can surely add more thrill to your skateboarding experience. It can help you improve your skills.

The Element Skateboards Company

Element is an American skateboard company established by Johnny Schellerif in 1992 in Atlanta. Initially, it was named Underworld Element, and it surprisingly focused on nothing similar to skateboarding. The company at that time was more interested in urban hip-hop culture, music, and artists. But the company didn’t last long because it was continuously running at a loss, and eventually, it was closed.

Later Johnny revived the brand by changing it completely. Now it is called Element, and according to Schellerif, all the four elements, which are a symbol of positive energy, had helped the company overcome the hard times. The company shifted itself from urban culture to skateboarding products. Well, it was a good decision, as now Element is one of the most renowned brands worldwide when it comes to skateboard products.

Element Skateboard products

The Element Skateboards not only have complete skateboards, but they offer you everything that you will need while skateboarding. The brand has a diverse range of products, including skateboards, decks, wheels, ball bearings, trucks, grip tapes, clothes, backpacks, caps, and flat bars. There are much more products that the brand has to offer. You can have some good-quality decks with very stylish and attractive designs.

There are very smooth wheels and trucks with suitable width. There are different sizes of bearings available so your wheels can run smoothly. There are pants, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, coats, hats, backpacks, and whatnot. You can buy your favorites fully assembled that can save you from the hassle of selecting and putting together all the parts or customize one by purchasing each part of the Skateboard of your own choice and putting them all together.

Are Element Skateboards Good? Element Skateboards Review

You may have heard that Element skateboard is a kid’s board. It is not true. The element skateboard is one of the phenomenal skateboard brands out there. They make skateboards with suitable quality materials within an affordable range. Skateboarding is not a very opulent game. So spending a lot of money is of no use anyway. The products introduced by Element give quite tough competition to the other exorbitant brands of the same field. So, now let’s discuss in detail each part, to know whether they are good skateboards or not.

Element Decks

Element offers both separate decks and completes. Their deck is of outstanding quality and is manufactured by one of the most prominent Mexican companies, P.S. Stix. It is famous for its advanced technology in making skateboards. It also supplies decks to many renowned brands other than Element. Some of these brands are Toy machine and Plan B.

The Element uses two types of technologies. One is Thriftwood, and the other is Featherweight. Both technologies have their importance and specifications. The featherweight technology is used to make thin and lightweight decks which gives you smooth slide and control. This technology makes Element’s premium, original constructions and concave molds made with thinner veneers. This technology reduces the deck’s weight. It is a beneficial technology for skaters that Element have used for a while now to make their decks a little bit lighter.

The Element uses thriftwood decks which is an Eco-friendly approach. It has seven to nine ply of wood that are not dyed to minimize the chemicals used during the manufacturing procedure. The decks made by thriftwood are thick, strong, and light. Element introduced the Twig technology, making the mold pressed from a scaled-down version of featherlight molds. It makes the decks a little bit lighter. It works best for small riders. Most twig boards max out at about 7.3 inches in width. It becomes easier to flick your board and do different tricks.

Element Wheels and Bearings

Just having a good deck can never solve all your problems. The size and resistance of your wheels to friction can have a massive impact on the speed and smoothness of your ride. Element is not only known for its unique decks, but it also focuses on other skateboards accessories such as wheels and bearings. The wheels manufactured by Element have no specific shape, but they mostly range between 52mm to 54mm. It is the most suitable diameter for skateboard wheels.

The wheels by Element make the element skateboards user-friendly and provide them stability. So, the element skateboards can freely be used on many different surfaces. The Element’s wheels are known for their equilibrium rather than smoothness and speed. There are many other wheels available at the element stores. You can have small wheels of 52mm and those having larger sizes such as 60mm. These large size wheels can help you with speed.

These wheels are hard. It makes the wheels spin even more, and in addition to reduction to vibration, these wheels are very safe to use. So, the element wheels will give you more stability, smoothness, speed, and durability. The rugged wheels can bear the pressure exerted by the rough surface of the roads and the skate park.

There are also ball bearings available for you to use. The element ball bearings can reduce the friction between the wheels and the surface you are skating on. There are many different bearings sizes, but they all have excellent ABEC ratings, ABEC 5. When incorporated with good quality wheels, these ball bearings will have the most suitable base for your Skateboard.

Element Skateboards

Element skateboards are famous for their excellent quality skates under an affordable price range. There are many different skateboards of elements, but we will list some of their common features here. If you see the designs, then the element skateboards indeed stand out among the other brands. There is always some meaning to their designs. The Element uses different, vibrant, and popping colors.

The element boards get a little extra special attention at the P.S plant. So, their decks are extraordinary and exceptional performance-wise. Some of the Element skateboards might have tapered ends, but many skateboards are available with fewer pointy ends. So, what isn’t the tapered tail and nose good for? When you are going for long slides, you will find it more complicated due to the pointed ends and will probably drag your heels. So, I prefer a blunt nose or tail to keep my heel off the edge.

Element has a very proper shape of nose and tail, which can help you do many tricks. With a pointy nose and tail, you can have difficulty squaring up your heel-flip trick. So, you will have a fifty-fifty chance of whether or not you will do a solid heel-flip trick. The pointy version of the tail and nose helps you in tricks such as the 360-degree flip.

Talking about the element skates in terms of their tripping and popping point is excellent for tricks like backside flips. The element boards are crispier than before. The material used in the skateboards is impressive. The wheels are narrower than the width of the deck. If the width is more, then there will be a problem. The material used is of premium quality, and there is nice layering for strength.

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How big is the deck of an element skateboard?

All the decks of the skateboards don’t have the same length and size. It varies from product to product. They have long skateboards and also have smaller kid boards. So there is no specific length for them, but mostly the length is near to 33 inches. You should choose the one that you like and can carry with ease.

Are Element Skateboards good?

Element skateboards are one of the most famous companies which offer you good quality and design at an affordable price. It isn’t genius to spend more than $100 on a skateboard. Elements have great technology and color combinations.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Element Skateboard is one of the best boards out there. The element boards offer many products, short or long decks, with bright or dark colors, decent or vibrant designs. You can easily choose the one you like. If you have short feet, you should surely get the smaller ones. The technology and the materials used in these skateboards make them one of the best skateboards in the market. So, I hope that now it will be apparent to you whether Element skateboards are good or not.