How To Install Skateboard Trucks? Step By Step Guide

How to install skateboard trucks

Not only the riding and doing tricks on a skateboard is fun, but the installation of its part is also exciting. The structure of the skateboard is amazing as it will not only provide you with entertainment but also will let you understand how skateboards are made. Just like other parts, the trucks of skateboard … Read more

How to Fix Squeaky Skateboard Trucks – Guide For Beginners

How to Fix Squeaky Skateboard Trucks

Ever experienced a weird squeaky sound coming from the trucks of your skateboard while you are riding on it? It is because of the friction and the constant pressure it goes through during hard turns. It can also happen when you are performing some tricks like pumping and carving. You might think at first there … Read more

ABEC 7 vs. Bones Reds Bearings – Which One You Should Get?

ABEC 7 vs. Bones Reds Bearings

Every skater needs the perfect skateboard that can handle advanced flips and tricks. However, finding the ideal skateboard is not about looking for a piece of wood or aluminum. A skateboard comprises many things, which include the perfect bearings. Knowing the difference between abec 7 vs. bones reds bearings will help you pick the ideal … Read more