Best Skate Shoes With Arch Support in 2022 – Top 5 Picks Reviews

Many new and experienced skateboarders often seen complaining about their feet being hurt when they skate for a longer time. The hurt may occur because of bad feed position and the shoes not good enough to provide arch support. We tested some of the Best Skate Shoes With Arch Support available on the market which provide top notch skating experience and are also affordable.

When buying a pair of skate shoes for yourself you must consider the factors like arch support, sole quality and overall comfort level. Skate shoes help protect your feet and keep them comfortable. Wearing common shoes for skating may cause fatigue in your feet and you will not be able to perform very well in the skate park. People who have flat feet or general discomfort in their feet need skate shoes for flat feet with proper arch support. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best skate shoes that provide perfect arch support.

With further ado, let’s check the reviews of the skateboarding shoes with arch support.



Emerica Mens G6

Emerica Men's Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes

  • Premium Quality
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Comfortable & Trendy



Adidas Mens

adidas Originals Men's Busenitz Skate Shoe

  • Budget-friendly
  • Modern trendy style
  • Comfortable



DC Mens Stag XE

DC Men's Stag XE Skate Shoe

  • Basketball style
  • Durable
  • Leather fabric

List of Best Skate Shoes with Arch Support

1. Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes

Emerica Men's Reynolds G6 Skate Shoe


  • Leather and textile
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft is low-top from arch
  • Dual sided thermal-welded toe cap
  • Drop in G6 PU insole
  • Pour in G6 PU mid-sole
  • Triangle tread


The first pair of skate shoes that we would like to suggest to you are the Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes. Manufactured using premium quality materials, these skate shoes are built to last for years on end. Pure leather and textile have been used in the construction of these skates. Both these materials are extremely sturdy and give off a classy look.

These imported skate shoes feature a synthetic sole which is both incredibly durable and extremely comfortable for skaters. The measurements of the shoes have also been kept such that they can provide optimum support and comfort to your feet. Shaft of the shoes measures around low-top from the arch. This is perfect for skating and ensures a comfortable ride.

The toe cap on these skate shoes is double sided thermal welded. It helps provide safety and comfort to your feet. This is very crucial in case of an accident because it helps prevent any injuries. The tongue is perforated Lycra-spandex. It provided cover to the top of your feet and cushions them to prevent fatigue and stress.

Now let’s talk about the sole of these skate shoes, the part which you are most interested in for arch support. There is a strategic drop in the PU insole which provides support to the arches of your feet. In addition, the pour in the G6 mid-sole helps enhance this support and ensure that you have a stress-free ride. The triangle tread helps increase their grip on the skateboard. The tongue is well-ventilated so it keeps your feet fresh throughout the ride.

On the downside, they are a little on the expansive side.

All in all, the Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes provide great arch support and will work really well for everyone.

  • Sturdy
  • Good grip
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • A bit Expansive



2. Adidas Originals Men’s Busenitz Sneakers

adidas Originals Men's Busenitz Skate Shoes


  • Pure synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Adidas genuine
  • Shaft measures low-top from the arch


Next up, we would like to present to you the Adidas Originals Men’s Busenitz Sneakers. Available in multiple colors, you can choose your favorite color and style it the way you want. You can even match it with your skateboard. These skate shoes are made using pure synthetic material which provides them with the strength to endure all kinds of use and abuse.

These skate shoes are imported and they feature a synthetic sole which is easy on your heels. It provides unparalleled arch support with its unique design and in this way, it helps ensure that you enjoy a comfortable ride. These skate shoes are original Adidas, a company known for its quality and durability and loved by skaters all around the world.

The design of the skate shoes is classy yet equally practical and efficient. The three stripes along with the iconic adidas logo set these shoes apart from all other competitors on the market. For increased ankle and heel support, the back of the heel has been thickly padded. This helps prevent chaffing and keeps you comfortable throughout the ride.

The shoes have been properly stitched so there is no chance that they will come apart anytime soon. The tread of out-sole has been designed in order to increase overall grip and support. The soles are quite thick and with this feature they make it easier for you to do flips and other tricks.

On the downside, the shoes are not mean for people with wide feet.

Apart from that, the Adidas Originals Men’s Busenitz Sneakers offer everything required by a skater in order to have a comfortable and safe ride.

  • Durable out-sole
  • Breathable
  • Retro style
  • Solid stitching
  • Not for wide-footed skaters



3. Vans Men Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Shoes

Vans Men Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Shoes


  • Roomy cup-soles
  • Suede upper
  • Double stitched toe-cap
  • Die-cut EVA mid-soles
  • Embroidered VANS logo


The third product for skate shoes with arch support on our list is one of the favorite of young skaters, the Vans Men Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Shoes. These shoes are truly a class apart and one look at their design and logo is enough to convince you that these are worth investing in. If you want to get a roomy, comfortable and durable pair of shoes, we would definitely recommend these.

The upper of these skate shoes has been manufactured using suede upper. This is an extremely sturdy material and this will surely last a very long time. These shoes are a part of Vans’ performance-range series and there is no doubt in the fact that they fully deliver to this promise. The double stitched toe cap not only helps provide security to your toes but also helps in increasing the longevity of these shoes.

You must be wondering about the arch support of these shoes. We are pleased to inform you that the die-cut EVA mid-soles do wonders in that region. The provide firm support to your arches which helps prevent early fatigue and stress on your feet. The embroidered Vans logo is trademark of the brand and it truly makes the shoes appear classy. The white logo on the black shoes provides a really pleasing contrast.

The out-sole of these shoes is made using gum rubber which provides exactly the right amount of grip and support to the users. It is also quite durable so it can easily endure the abuse faced during skating and performing tricks.

However, these skate shoes are a little too expansive so you may need to reconsider your budget or find another one. We have compiled a list of cheap skate shoes for you.

The Vans Men Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Shoes, however, do provide the quality and durability which makes them worth their price.

  • Well-padded tongue
  • Fits well
  • Ortholite mid-soles provide arch support
  • Durable material
  • Perfect for adults and children
  • Expansive



4. DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes

DC Men's Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes with arch support


  • Pure leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Imported
  • Cup sole construction
  • Mesh tongue
  • Shaft is low-top from the arch


If you are looking for a chunky pair of skate shoes then the DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes will be the perfect pair for you. They not only fit you very well but they also have quite a nice appearance. The DC logo on the toungue and on the side of the shoe adds to the look of these shoes. Available in multiple colors, the manufacturers of these skate shoes have truly taken aesthetic of the shoe into account when designing these skate shoes.

Made using premium quality leather, these shoes will last for a very long time even if they are used harshly. This imported pair has a rubber sole which provides the user with comfort, support and increased traction. These 3 things are extremely important features for a good pair of skate shoes. Their shaft is about low-top when measured from the arch. This is a good placement for increased support.

These skate shoes have a cup sole construction. The brand’s classic pill pattern tread helps improve grip in order to prevent slipping from the skateboard. The breathable foam padded tongue allows for increased support and comfort. It is also quite crucial in ensuring a snug fit. This helps ensure a memorable skating experience.

Holes on the side of the shoes help in increasing breath-ability so that your feet can stay fresh even after long hours of skating. The thick insole is so comfortable that you will feel as if you’re walking on air. These skate shoes provide incredible amounts of heel and ankle support. With better arch support, you will be able to skate with comfort. Insides of the shoes are lined with a mesh lining which helps improve air circulation.

However, the shoes may seem a little too puffy to some people.

In short, the DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes provide incredible support for all users.

  • Classy appearance
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Great arch support
  • No such cons



5. DC Men’s Stag Sneaker Skate Shoes

DC Men's Stag XE Best Skate Shoes with arch support


  • Textile and leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Imported
  • Low-top shoes
  • Foam padded collar and tongue
  • Cup-sole construction
  • Pill pattern tread


The final product on our list is the DC Men’s Stag Sneaker Skate Shoes. Leather and textile material makes these shoes durable and comfortable. They will be soft on your feet and at the same time hard on the tracks. With a durable rubber sole, these shoes provide unparalleled grip and support. All the materials used in their construction are quite durable and will ensure that these shoes last for long.

These are low-top shoes which are very easy and convenient to wear for all riders. Also, the durability is further enhanced by the elaborate stitching which holds the shoes together. For increased comfort of the rider, the shoes feature a padded collar and tongue. Along with comfort, they also help provide protection to your feet so that you can have a safe ride.

The upper is made of a padded and meshy textile material. Along with cushioning your feet, they also help ensure enhanced breath-ability. This helps prevent bad odor in your feet when you ride for long hours. Breath-ability is extremely important when the weather is warm.

The tongue and collar of the shoes provide unparalleled support which help prevent any fatigue. This means you can ride for longer duration without getting tired quickly. The rubber out-sole is thick and has the ability to stay put for many years to come. The soles in addition to the innersoles provide support to your arches.

There is a downside of these shoes and that is you can’t use these skate shoes for doing tricks and flips on your skateboard.

All in all, the DC Men’s Stag Sneaker Skate Shoes are a great pair of skate shoes which provide good support.

  • Durable
  • Elaborate stitching
  • Breathable
  • Snug fit
  • Not good for tricks



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Skate Shoes For Arch Support FAQs

Which skate shoes have the best arch support?

Answer: Well, there are different options available on the market that provide good arch support while skating but the Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes are the one that we recommend and you can trust too.

Can flat feet wear Vans?

Vans provide great arch support so people with flat feet can surely wear them with ease.

Are skate shoes good for walking?

Skate shoes are not great for walking and may cause fatigue.

What brand of shoes makes the best quality skate shoes?

Nike makes quality skate shoes with different style options.

Is arch support good or bad?

Arch support is great if you have some pain in your feet.

Final Verdict

Skating is a very fun activity but without the right shoes it can very quickly become stressful. So, If you’re looking for great arch support then any of the above options can serve you exceptionally well. However, if you ask us, our first choice will obviously be the Emerica Men’s Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes because of the comfort and support that they provide to your feet. The choice now depends on you and you need to make it by considering your budget and requirements. The shoes very in features and specifications so you need to choose the ones which match your needs the most. Please comment below if you still have any queries. Good luck with your ride!

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