Best Cheap Skate Shoes in 2022 That Are Worth Buying – Reviews

A skater shoe is only made for skating purposes with the characteristics that make the skateboarding experience great.  Skate shoes are made of strong and durable materials to make them enduring than regular shoes. As we know skateboarding is becoming a famous sport day by day that is why companies are making skateboarding shoes with high to low budget. We went ahead and tested some pairs of the Best Cheap Skate Shoes that have quality material and are worth buying. These shoes are engineered for more protection on the skater’s feet from any rough landings and impacts. They are made from stiffer and stronger materials and unique soles.

Without further ado, let’s read the reviews of these affordable skate shoes.

1. DC Men’s Trase Tx Skate Shoes

DC Men's Trase


  • Canvas upper
  • Comes with fabric sole
  • Abrasion resistant out-sole
  • DC’s trademarked “pill Pattern” tread


DC Men’s Trase Tx Skate Shoes are part of the DC Trace collection. The DC Trase TX skate is one of the many repetitions of DC’s original skate shoe silhouette known as the DC Trase. Similar to its original counterpart, the DC Trase TX SE is quite affordable and you will find it of the best quality. These skate shoes are great for using both on and off the skateboard. You will see no special editions of these shoes. These sneakers are typically sold out for around $55, but you can check the price on Amazon.

These skate shoes are outstanding, available in a variety of colours, the trase continues to make a statement with graphics and lux materials. Whether you want to stand out or blend in, this model offers something for everyone in the crown. DC skate shoes are one of the best footwear available in the market. This item is delivering comfort, durability, and eye-catching fashion, DC is the source for technical skateboarding footwear and everyday use as well.

The DC men’s trase skates have a very unique display, considering the best quality of the material used, they are manufactured in such a way that would add much comfort to your everyday life. DC Trase Tx skate shoes have a canvas upper and a mesh lining that would not let the sweat accumulate in your feet. This high-walled rubber sole makes DC trase Tx skate shoes the best option for a great grip on or off the board. Also, the shoes are vulcanized, they are pretty light in weight. These skates also feature an abrasion-resistant Sticky Rubber Outsole for flip after a flip. These shoes can be the best collection for your wardrobe due to their durability, comfort and style.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Variety of colours
  • Quite breathable
  • Well manufactured and a good style
  • Lightweight
  • Not enough space for your toes
  • Makes noise while walking
  • Thin collar and tongue of the skate shoe


2. Vans Men’s Authentic Core Classics Trainers

Vans Men


  • It has a canvas
  • Imported
  • It has a rubber sole
  • Cotton drill lining for breath-ability.
  • Metal eyelets.
  • Die-cut EVA inserts for comfort.


Next up on the list, we have Vans Men’s Authentic Core Classics Trainers that are one of the most durable and cheapest skate shoes in the market.

The signature of the waffle out-sole delivers an improved board feeling. There have different colors so you can easily choose from different options. These skate shoes by Vans are made with both suede or canvas. Furthermore, they have different designs to choose from which once gives you a great fit.

The canvas fabric improves shoe durability and the suede upper makes them flexible and comfortable. These are shoes enable you to change the upper as per the color you have selected. If you choose these skates, they will surely be the right choice for your wardrobe.

The smooth foot-bed is responsible for providing the comfort one generally expects from Vans. In addition, the extra padding makes the shoe comfortable and one can easily fit in the shoes, therefore, the durable, highly elastic material whole skating experience of the person is enhanced.

They are fabricated and intended for skateboarding purpose and have good padding in light of the board.

All in all, these skate shoes provide the ultimate comfort and enhance the skating experience. These skate shoes are durable, comfortable and lightweight. The manufacturing quality is so good and the variety of colors make these skates a good option for your wardrobe. The best things about these skate shoes are that it comes in the most affordable price range and the best quality.

Van’s core classics tops the list in one of the most popular vans shoes in 2021. Expert skaters agree with the durability and grip of the shoe. After the manufacturing of the first item in 1966 Southern California with the making of a single pair of shoes, they were recognized as authentic and the vans have always been getting better. The outline of the shoes is simply gorgeous and quite fashionable.

The price of these skate shoes is well affordable, adding the durability and comfort of the shoes make Vans men authentic collection the best choice of the buyers. This shoe is flexible, durable and the best pick for your skate shoes wardrobe.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality canvas
  • Lightweight
  • Good style
  • Extra cushioning
  • Not orthodox friendly
  • No removable insole

3. Etnies Men’s Blitz Skate Shoe

Etnies Men


  • Has a Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures around low-top from arch
  • Slim silhouette on a vulcanized out-sole
  • Merry mesh tongue and collar lining


The blitz comes up with the vulcanized silhouette with an all canvas upper. Merry mesh lines up the tongue and the collar which adds to the ventilatory of shoes and your feet can breathe. The Etnies Blitz Skate shoes in black/gum come up in a low-profile vulcanized shoe that features a slim silhouette, a mesh collar and tongue, a seamless toe cap, and a foam lite 1 insole making the shoe more comfortable and durable. The price of Blitz Skate Shoes is quite affordable and it makes a good selection for your wardrobe.

It is highly recommendable from buyers; it is apparent that the Etnies Blitz skate shoe for men has been ticking off the right boxes for a reliable modern skate shoe.  These shoes do not have any special editions. These sneakers are sold out for $50 but you can check the price on Amazon. These sneakers are perfect for performance as their package is the right comfort, fit, style, and performance. If you are not concerned by its lack of metal eyelets or its minimal foot support, then the Blitz may be the perfect option for you.

These Etnies Man Blitz skates are the slim, low profile, vulcanized shoes that you have been looking for. The buyers gave high ratings to the Etnies Blitz sneaker as they were highly satisfied with its overall comfort and performance. The Etnies Blitz is presented in many color options, including black, navy, and grey.

Therefore, these skates are one of the cheapest skate shoes in the market that are also strong and comfortable.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Variety of colours
  • vegan
  • Narrow size

4. Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe

Osiris Men


  • 100% Synthetic/Nubuck
  • Padded
  • Available in different colors
  • Rubber sole


The Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe isn’t your ordinary skating skate, they are one of the best affordable shoes present in the market. These can also be used for casual wear. It’s made with the greatest quality imported leather that is woven to enhance its endurance and also absorb the shocks that occur due to the hard landings.

The rubber sole drastically improves your grip with the board and the high abrasion areas are made for superior durability. These are made from 1000% synthetic/nubuck making it really string. These shoes are imported. They are padded to provide maximum comfort. These are available in different colors and styles. These shoes contain a durable rubber sole.

The tongue and collar of the cleat are padded so you get the best comfort and support when riding.

Overall, this pair is durable and performs well on the road. Make sure that you wipe off the dust from time to time to maintain the natural appearance of the leather.

  • Imported leather material
  • Rubber sole for a good grip
  • Lightweight padded tongue and collar
  • Durable and well-performing
  • The tongue padding depletes with time


5. Globe Men’s Sabre Skate Shoe

Globe Men's Sabre


  • 100% Leather and Synthetic
  • 3 stripe logo
  • Padded
  • Rubber sole


The Globe Men’s Sabre Skate Shoe are durable and come in the most affordable price range. These skates come in 20+ unique colors so you can easily style from a variety of colors.

The Sabre from Globe is an iconic skate shoe that will meet your expectations. The ample cushion and collar along with the airbag heel and wraparound bumper sole make it durable and long-lasting. The design is made to provide the user with maximum comfort.

They offer a strong grip and provide the best skating experience.

The above part is manufactured utilizing engineered softened cowhide, producing the footwear strong and scraped spot safe.

Moreover, it covers the popular 3-stripe logo and wrap-around padded sole and is the best choice for the skaters of every skill set. It is perfectly fine for beginners as well and they can practice easily on them.

While these shoes allow you to have the greatest knowledge of riding your board, they are anything but complicated to perfect also. Significantly use a spotless, dry material for the disposal of the clean.

All in all, these skates are durable and affordable at the same time

  • Soft
  • durable
  • Comfortable
  • Delivers the best performance
  • Protects your feet
  • Slightly heavy
  • No ventilation

6. Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe

Emerica Wino Cruiser


  • Contains a Rubber sole
  • Low-profile
  • Protective rubber toe bumper
  • Lace-up closure
  • Full-length mid-sole
  • Vulcanized construction


Last but not least we have Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe which is durable and comfortable and can be the perfect gift for your birthday or any holiday.

They are 100% textile and are imported. These shoes have a rubber sole. Its shaft measures low top from arch approximately. These shoes feature a protective rubber toe bumper and a lace-up closure. It has a full-length midsole for cushioning and has a vulcanized construction for durability. It offers the maximum grip due to the flat triangle tread bottom. These shoes are suitable for teenagers and adults under 100kg. It is produced from a durable, highly elastic material. These skates are durable and rustproof. They can be cleaned very easily and last for a longer period. Here are some of the great skate shoes with arch support.

Therefore, they are one of the best cheap skate shoes available in the market.

  • It’s a professional skateboard pair
  • They are durable and comfortable
  • It offers a great foot protection
  • Good grip
  • The shoes are expensive


Are Skateboard Shoes harmful to your feet?

Right size of skate shoes are the best for skaters and provide comfort and stability. Skaters wear shoes for an extended time. Skate shoes fit right in the feet which mean that the resistance determinant is enhanced thus resulting in the damage of the shoes. Many features of skate shoes can prevent you from having a bad experience. For the protection of your feet, you can wear cotton socks so that your feet won’t hurt. Likewise, many of the skating shoes are made from the weather which ensures maximum comfort.

Similarly, many companies are doing innovations for the users to provide maximum comfort without compromising on the control and stability of the shoes. Therefore, on the final note skate shoes are good for your feet s long as you are wearing socks and your skating shoes are equipped with some amazing features.

Are Skateboard Shoes suitable for running?

Skate shoes deliver a great fit for controlling your movement accurately. Well, running shoes don’t offer equal servings. Running shoes have changed designs to improve the speed while cutting off the resistance factor. Skate shoes also provide grip by enhancing the friction effect.

For running, one needs to eliminate the impedance force as much as possible. Skate shoes enhance friction by providing the best grip and control.

After all the above remarks anyone can assume that skate shoes are not fit for running as they increase the resistance factor.

Do Skate Shoes Create a Difference?

Can you expect the same results if fundamental elements are not there? The same goes for skating. Skateboarding is the technique of managing your steps precisely. Although our standalone feet can do wonders, combining them with a pair of skate shoes can surely make a huge difference. Skate shoe provides you with a grip so that you can get full control of your movements. Similarly, it also increases the friction effect for better stability over the skateboard.

If we do not use the skate shoes, our feet may experience sweating and other conditions that are not desirable due to which the grip of the shoes can be damaged due to skateboarding which can eventually result in stumbling.

So, it is concluded that skate shoes definitely make a difference as they are specially designed to give you the best features to enhance your skating experience.

How Can You Obtain Skateboarding Shoes to Last Long?

Everything needs conditioning, shield, and watching for lasting longer, the same case is with Skate Shoes.

One should protect his shoes from rugged and tough sessions for a more prolonged time. It’s alright to test them for a period but continuing the practice will result in the destruction of the skate.

Moreover, the skaters should not use any extra fluid to clean the shoes as they can result in damaging the quality and durability of the shoes.

Cleaning wouldn’t contribute to lasting the shoes longer but will output a fresh look every time you roll around the streets


Hence this article covers the best cheap  skate shoes with brilliant features that are available in the market. If you are looking for a great riding experience, the skate shoes will seal your deal. So, these skate shoes will certainly make your riding experience more fun and comfortable. With the key factors to consider and the most reliable brands available, finding the right skate shoe for you won’t be a difficult thing for you. You can easily choose the right skate shoes if you consider all the factors covered up in this article.

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